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Gamma Foundries – is a non-ferrous sand castings foundry.

We produce aluminum, copper and stainless alloy castings from one-off to thousands for a wide variety of industries.

Gamma Foundries: Excellence is Our Tradition

Gamma Foundries is a non-ferrous sand casting foundry with a history that dates back to 1959. We produce aluminum, copper and stainless alloy castings from one-offs to thousands for customers in a wide variety of fields. We manufacture raw or fully machined sand castings from our foundry in Richmond Hill. As one of Canada’s largest non-ferrous foundries, we take great pride in our ability to produce an extensive array of non-ferrous alloys, including copper base alloy casting, lead free casting, brass casting services, bronze sand casting and aluminum sand casting.

Adhering to strict international standards, and accredited to ISO 9001:2015, our team of more than 90 skilled professionals delivers excellence no matter what service our clients require. From one-off aluminum sand casting to large production runs required of our brass casting service, our foundry is poised to deliver results.



Our Capabilities

Gamma Foundries is a multiple alloy facility capable of pouring stainless steel casting, aluminum casting, brass casting, bronze sand casting, nickel and other alloys. Our molding options include Hunter and Sinto automatic molding, manual, no-bake floor molding and manual Jolt Squeeze.

Customer orders are fulfilled in our 80,000-square-foot facility that contains the molding and coremaking equipment necessary for working with a diversity of alloys on-site. We also provide design advice and rapid prototype services.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Gamma Foundries, we are dedicated to quality. From our bronze sand casting service to stainless steel sand casting, clients can rely on our Quality Management System to ensure that their needs are met. Our foundry has an on-site lab, in-house full weldability testing to ASTM B369 standards, tensile testing capabilities and other safeguards built into the process.

Gamma Foundries has been one of Canada’s most trusted sand casting facilities for decades. We hold true to our commitment to excellence by settling for nothing less than satisfying customer requirements whether the order is a one-off or a production run of thousands. To find out more about how we can meet your sandcasting needs, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


From the beginning has been committed to manufacturing excellence.

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