Quality Management System (QMS)

Iso 9001

Gamma Foundries is committed to maintatining a Quality Management System (QMS) implemented at all levels of the company to assure that products and services meet our customers requirements and applicable regulatory requirements.



Our employees are trained to incorporate quality into the foundry process, allowing us to consistently deliver porosity-free, pressure-tight castings meeting dimensional tolerances.

  • Foundry Lab.
  • OES (Optical Emission Spectrometer) for chemical analysis for all our Copper and Aluminum based alloys.
  • Tensile testing for mechanical properties.
  • Certification to ASTM, ASME specifications.
  • In-house full weldability testing to ASTM B369.
  • Full SPC sand lab.
  • Full dimensional Lab for First-Off sample approval.


To produce consistent quality requires the use of appropriate equipment and processes run by trained and experienced people. With a wide variety of molding and coremaking equipment, and a thorough preventative maintenance program. We are ready for your challenges; we have a well-trained and stable workforce with an average experience of over a decade and a formal training program for all new hires. We maintain a clean and well lit facility conducive to quality production.

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