Stainless steel sand casting involves the use of an alloy that is in high demand for a diversity of applications. Created to deliver strength, durability and outstanding corrosion and wear resistance, stainless steel is also preferred when aesthetics matter. Stainless steel sand casting provides a way to produce parts that meet the strictest specification requirements whether an order is for a one-off or a production run in the thousands. Gamma Foundries’ Richmond Hill facility is fully equipped to handle orders of any size while also offering a full line of prototype, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services.


Gamma Foundries is one of the leading sand casting companies in Canada, manufacturing products for a diversity of industries across the country and the globe. Our dedication to excellence, safety and quality have combined to help us build a reputation for delivering results. Whether a client needs a new prototype created for a special project or specifications are already in place for a needed part, our team will deliver results. At Gamma Foundries, our stainless-steel sand casting operations are overseen by a team of professionals with extensive experience and dedication to quality. To find out more about our stainless-steel casting or other alloys we work with, just contact us today.

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