3d Printing Sand Casting

Gamma Foundries has a history of excellence that dates back to the 1950s, but we pride ourselves on staying the cutting edge with our technology. Our clients will find our foundry is fully outfitted with the latest 3D printing sand casting equipment, which enables us to save them time and money on prototypes and short runs without sacrificing quality.

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Stainless steel sand casting involves the use of an alloy that is in high demand for a diversity of applications. Created to deliver strength, durability and outstanding corrosion and wear resistance, stainless steel is also preferred when aesthetics matter. Stainless steel sand casting provides a way to produce parts that meet the strictest specification requirements whether an order is for a one-off or a production run in the thousands. Gamma Foundries’ Richmond Hill facility is fully equipped to handle orders of any size while also offering a full line of prototype, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services.


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Brass Bronze Sand Casting Service

Brass and bronze are some of the oldest alloys used by humans in the production of tools, parts and other finished products. Highly valuable for the unique properties each metal provides, parts and finished products made from these alloys remain in high demand today. Gamma Foundries is proud to offer our clients access to a full line of brass and bronze sand casting services. From our foundry in Richmond Hill, we are able to produce orders as small as one-offs while offering a bronze and brass casting service that can handle production runs in the thousands.

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Top Lead Free Casting Services

When a lead-free casting solution is required to ensure parts are safer and greener, Gamma Foundries is pleased to deliver full C87850 Eco Brass® casting services. This environmentally friendly alternative for a wide range of parts is an ideal solution for water supply devices, fittings, precision parts, shafts, faucets and automotive fittings, among others.

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