Brass Bronze Sand Casting Service

Brass and bronze are some of the oldest alloys used by humans in the production of tools, parts and other finished products. Highly valuable for the unique properties each metal provides, parts and finished products made from these alloys remain in high demand today. Gamma Foundries is proud to offer our clients access to a full line of brass and bronze sand casting services. From our foundry in Richmond Hill, we are able to produce orders as small as one-offs while offering a bronze and brass casting service that can handle production runs in the thousands.


Whether there’s a need for a single unique part to be developed through our rapid prototype service or specifications are already in place for mass production of a product, Gamma Foundries is committed to excellence. Our brass casting service is overseen by a team of highly skilled professionals with quality assurance checks built into the entire process. Our brass and bronze sand casting professionals strive for nothing less than perfection with every production run.


Gamma Foundries is equipped to handle all our clients’ brass and bronze casting needs. Our facility is equipped with Hunter and Sinto automatic molding machines for smaller production runs while no-bake floor molding and other techniques are used to meet the demands of higher-volume clients. To find out more about our services, contact us today.

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