When a lead-free casting solution is required to ensure parts are safer and greener, Gamma Foundries is pleased to deliver full C87850 Eco Brass® casting services. This environmentally friendly alternative for a wide range of parts is an ideal solution for water supply devices, fittings, precision parts, shafts, faucets and automotive fittings, among others.

C87850 Eco Brass®isn’t just a greener alternative, this alloy delivers many benefits by design. It features good machinability, excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance, and superior stress corrosion cracking resistance. It is also known for excellent warm brittleness cracking resistance and good castability. As an equivalent to stainless steel, this alloy is a suitable replacement for C83600 and other red brasses. It contains virtually no lead but does draw on bismuth as a lead replacement.

Whether there’s a need for lead-free casting for a one-off part or a run of thousands is required, Gamma Foundries can help. We are a non-ferrous sand casting company that pours more than 30 alloys, specializing in such products as no-lead bronzes, aluminum, and C87850 Eco Brass®. We have both Sinto and Hunter automatic molding machines, along with manual machines, for tackling lower-volume orders. Our no-bake molding operation stands ready to fill large-volume orders. No matter your casting needs, Gamma Foundries is here to serve.

C87850 Eco Brass®

Benefits: Good machinability, excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance, excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance, good castability, high strength equivalent to stainless steel, excellent warm brittleness cracking resistance and plentiful supply of raw materials


Is a lead-free option for C83600 and other Red Brasses and contains virtually no Lead but does utilize Bismuth as a lead substitute.

Featured Product Specifications

Lead-free zinc alloys is naturally manufactured with a high liquefying capability than their lead-free pewter wrought, so Gamma Foundries is equipped with powerful machines that can achieve the melting point of zinc. During lead-free casting, we maximize the temperatures of all metals to ensure they are successfully liquefied for easy molding, penetrating into all crevices before hardening.

To ensure a wonderful lead-free alloy casting solution, we adopt the use of ECO BRASS to minimize the common threats of traditional brass materials. As a result of its maximum fluidity nature, it is possible to mold multiple shapes in lead-free casting. Our chemical manufacturing experts believe in C87850 brass ingot alloy due to its proportional mixture of 75-78% copper, 2.7- 3.4% silicon, 0.05-0.2% phosphorus, and zinc taking the remaining portion. Its blending promotes the capability of high speed and low-pressure applications.

Our lead-free casting products are suitable for repairing airplanes, automobiles, and boats. With our professional lead-free casting, we are capable of yielding products such as rods, crankpins, compressors, cutters, centrifugal pumps, dynamos, bus, diesel train engines, railway car axle, elevators, arbors, trimmers, steam pumps, band saws, and tube mills that rotates at a high speed.

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