Copper base alloy casting is the ideal solution for parts required in a diversity of applications. Favored for its versatility, corrosion resistance and its unique ability to inhibit organism growth in certain combinations, copper has long been the alloy of choice for plumbing fixtures, bushing and bearing sleeves, ship propellers and other parts. At Gamma Foundries, we are pleased to offer copper base alloy casting services for orders as small a single part to production runs in the thousands. Our team of professionals can even help with rapid prototype development for unique part requirements. No matter how big or small your requirements, Gamma Foundries’ team is here to assist in meeting your production needs.


High Conductivity Copper

C80100 - Hi Con Cu
40% Con Cu

Leaded Red and Semi-Red Brass

C83300 - Contact Metal
C83400 - 90/10 Copper Zinc
C83450 - Oshalloy®, AH115
C83600 - "B" Metal, Ounce Metal
C84400 - "C" Metal, Valve Metal

Yellow Brass

C85700 - Leaded Yellow Brass
C85200 - Leaded Yellow Brass

Manganese Bronze

C86300 - 110,000 Tensile Mn Brz

Silicon Bronze

C87200 - Silicon Brz
C87600 - Silicon Brz

Tin Bronze

C90300 - "G" Bronze, SAE 620
C90500 - Gun Metal, SAE 62
C90700 - Gear Bronze, SAE 65

Leaded Tin Bronze

C92200 - Navy "A" Brz
C93200 - Bearing Bronze, SAE 660
C93700 - Bushing/Bearing Bronze, SAE 64

Aluminum Bronze

C95200 - 9A Al Brz, SAE 68a
C95300 - 9B Al Brz, SAE 68b
C95400 - 9C Al Brz
C95500 - 9D Al Brz
C95800 - Ni-Al Brz, ASTM B148, MIL-B-24480a

Copper-Nickel (Cupro-Nickel)

C96400 - 70/30 Cu Ni, ASTM B369, MIL-C-20159c


M-30C - Grade "E" Nickel-Copper, ASTM A494
M-35-1 - Nickel-Copper

Other alloys available on request, were volume warrants



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