There are various types of metal parts that are fitted into mega-machines, and these internal parts and subparts play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the machines.

There is no doubt that technology has advanced to the next level, and robotics has made manufacturing everything as easy as a child's play. But today, these metal parts are made through traditional methods of sand casting.

The intricate designing and shaping which are required to manufacture complex products require a casting method wherein initially the metal is melted and then poured into sand castings which are hollow from inside.

Later on, when the mold is cooled down, it is broken, and the metal part comes out well-shaped. These metal cast parts go through the finishing process to give them a final touch. There are many foundries and sand casting companies that deal in such business.

These sand casting foundries have the required labor and mechanical requirements to fulfill the sand casting process efficiently. The process is laborious and includes many risks of melting the metal and pouring it carefully in the sand cast.

Still, with experience and expertise, this process results in industry-ready and premium quality products.

Also, through the process of sand casting, some other advantages: low cost, short lead time, wider material choices, and many others. These companies and foundries even deal in customized products as per the order received by their client companies.

Various casting services are provided by these sand casting companies or foundries to their client companies. Some are stainless steel castings, lead-free castings, the casting of various alloys, and many others.

Usually, the most common type of metals that are cast in these companies is aluminum and iron. Still, other metals like bronze, brass, magnesium are also cast these days as per varied industrial requirements.

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