How Non-Ferrous Metal Alloy Casting is Performed by a Sand-Casting Foundry

The non-ferrous alloys either contain no iron or have iron in negligible quantity, such as aluminum, brass, copper, titanium etc. The aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper-based alloys (bronze and brass) are cast in different shapes for industrial applications. A foundry/company may use various methods of casting for the non-ferrous alloys, such as:

  • Sand-casting
  • Investment/precision/lost-wax casting
  • Metal molding
    • Low-pressure permanent molding process
    • High pressure die casting process

However, sand casting is considered the most efficient method of casting non-ferrous alloys. This is a cost-effective method that prevents wastage since 90% of the sand used for molding is reclaimed by a foundry and reused during the next casting services. A foundry uses two methods of sand-casting for non-ferrous metal casting.

Green Sand Casting

The pattern of a part is cast at first, and the design may be machined using billet aluminum or plastic. These d days, 3D printing methods are used to create the desired pattern.

  • Sand is squeezed around a pattern in halves.
  • The pattern is removed after placing a core if the cast parts are supposed to be hollowed.
  • The sand from the bottom and top are pressed together.
  • The molten metal is poured into the negative imprint of the pattern in the sand.
  • After cooling down, the sand shell is taken apart once the molten metal becomes solid.
  • This sand is recycled and reused.

The cast parts may be treated by a sand casting foundry using heat if necessary. These parts are cleaned through sawing, grinding or shot-blasting method, and they may be machined or painted.

Air-Set Casting

This sand-casting method is used for non-ferrous alloys, and it is used to cast larger patterns with complex configurations or low-volume runs. A hardened mold of sand is used during air-set casting, and the chemically bonded dry sand is mixed with binders for hardening. This method can create customized patterns of varying sizes and complex shapes within a short period.

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