Casting Comparison: Brass V/S Bronze

Brass and bronze are metal alloys that are extensively used in casting works. But how many of us can tell them apart? Of course, by its colour and look, you can easily differentiate brass from bronze, but there are many other aspects. Let’s take a look at them:


Externally, brass has a golden colour, a yellowish tinge much like dull gold, while bronze has a reddish colour due to copper mixed into it.


Bronze and brass are both alloys. While brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, bronze is an alloy made of copper and primarily tin.

Brass may also contain small amounts of other metals like tin or lead. While considering both practical uses, brass is more malleable than bronze with a low melting point and can easily be cast into moulds.

 Since bronze is less malleable than brass, it is more brittle. In commercial use, bronze is 90% copper and only 10% tin, whereas brass has a higher amount of zinc and a smaller amount of copper to make it more flexible and robust.

Brass is also non-ferrous, meaning it has no iron in it. Therefore, if you have inherited a brass object or have an heirloom and want to know if its pure brass, simply places a magnet on it. If it attracts, it has iron and is not pure.


Brass has long been used as doorknobs, in decorative items, and other outdoor uses due to its non-rustic property. Today, brass is extensively used in piping and plumbing works, electrical connectors, and aviation.

Bronze is also resistant to saltwater corrosion and is used in marine applications like propellers, portholes, rudders and other engine parts. Bronze is used in electrical rooms of merchant and navy ships as well.

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