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Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Management System - Gamma Foundries

Iso 9001

Gamma Foundries is committed to maintatining a Quality Management System (QMS) implemented at all levels of the company to assure that products and services meet our customers requirements and applicable regulatory requirements.

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Gamma Foundries Castings

Sand Casting Products

Gamma is a multiple alloy foundry, pouring Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze and Brass including lead-free alloys, Cupro-nickel and Nickel-copper. We offer a wide variety of molding options, including Hunter and Sinto automatic molding, manual Jolt Squeeze, and no-bake floor molding. We provide design advice and prototype services.



Machining Capabilities

Machine Capabilities - Gamma Foundries
  • 2 Okuma Twin Spindle 6 axis Turning Centers, model #J1 5-MY complete with live tooling and space saving barfeeder. The lathe has a 3.15" diameter bar capacity.
  • HASS Horizontal Machining center 4 axis, Pallet changer, 18" x 18" capacity. 24 tool carousel with CAT 40 taper, rigid tapping.
  • HASS Vertical Machining center 4 axis capable, 40" x 24" capacity, 24 tool carousel with CAT 40 taper, rigid tapping.
  • HARDINGE VMC 600 Vertical Machining center 4 axis with indexing table. 24" x 17" capacity, 24 tool carousel with CAT 40 taper.
  • YANG EAGLE SMV 600 Vertical Machining center 4 axis with indexing table. 24"x 17" capacity 24 tool carousel with CAT 40 taper.
  • BRIDGEPORT 4 axis Horizontal Machining center. 14" x 14" capacity, 8 pallets and 80 tool carousel, CAT 40 taper.
  • MASCO Double Turret Horizontal Machining center. Allen Bradley 8600 controller.


  • GOSS & DELEUW Transfer Machine Model 1-2-3. 9 spindles, form and cam tooling.
  • 2 HARDINGE Super Slant 3 axis C.N.C. lathe with bar feed. 6"+8" power chuck. 1 5/8" thru capacity.
  • 2 HWACHEON 3 axis C.N.C. lathe Model Hieco 10, with 8" power chuck and 2" thru capacity.

Inspection Department

  1. DEA SWIFT A001 C.N.C. controlled C.M.M. Running TUTOR for Windows software
  2. MITUTOYO SJ 201 Surface tester. Ra, Rz, Ry, Rp, Rt, RSm. .01 x 1 thru .10 x 5 sampling with skid.
  3. ACDLt 2000i.0 drawing software.


Gamma Foundries - Facilities

Today our modern foundry is 80.000 square feet and employs over 90 highly skilled personnel.

Molding Capabilities

  • Sinto FBO III 20x24 automatic molding machine.
  • Hunter 14x19 automatic molding machine.
  • Hunter 18x20 automatic molding machine.
  • 3 Jolt Squeeze manual molding machines.
  • 3 Rotolift molding machines.
    No Bake floor molding operation.


  • 5 U180 Shell core machines.
  • 2 U180 Cold-box machines.
  • Cooper Chapman twin shell core machine.
  • Kloster no-bake core shooter.
  • Manual CO2 and no-bake coremaking.

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