Brass Casting Defects and Remedies

Defects typically occur during the casting process. Even if a high-quality design and moulding could improve your chances of creating a defect-free cast, there are still times when defects are unavoidable due to human interference and limitations in quality control. Only through proper assistance from a seasoned brass casting service can you minimize such defects.

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Why 3D Scanning is Increasing in Popularity

3D scanning is the technique of capturing a 3D image of the object using laser technology. It creates a 3D file on the computer that can be saved and altered and even 3D printed. The standard theory of taking a virtual image suggests using a 3D scanner that has the capacity to scan objects which is specifically required for manufacturing processes. Advanced 3D scanners are also able to collect both shape and color data. The color data or a 3D scanned color surface is called a texture.

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Best Casting Sands for Sand Casting Foundries

Sand casting is a metal casting process in which specific types of sand are used as a mold material to make replicas of existing metal prototypes. Also known as sand molded casting, this process has been used in manufacturing copies of an original product in bulk for centuries. In the earlier days, companies had their own production plants where this mass production was carried out. However, with the rise in the popularity of outsourcing, now many companies outsource production to foundries, also known as sand casting companies.

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of Sand Casting?

The process of making metal items by giving different shapes to the molten metal, inside a mold made of sand, and is being widely used worldwide. Many material and items like sand alloys, aluminum alloys, cast iron, and cast steel are made with this process. Sand Casting Company can also improvise by making customized and personalized shapes as per the requirement of the customer. The only difference is that the sand mold needs to be given a unique shape.

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