Daily Life & Industrial Uses of Alloys

Alloys are an admixture of metals or a metal combined with one or more other elements.

Known for their strength, durability or hardness, alloys play a critical role in our daily life. Since metals cannot be used in their purest form, alloys are the best option to consider.

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Benefits of Copper Nickel Alloy Casting

Copper as a metal is considered a good conductor of electricity and heat. It is often fortified with several other metals like zinc and nickel, to form alloys to satisfy varied application requirements.

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Testing Compaction Of Green Moulding Sand


Sand casting is one of the popular techniques for processing molten metal to mould it in various shapes. It forms the liquid iron, copper, and aluminum into different components of the machinery. The green sand is wet and has the moisture necessary to make the mould maker.

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De-Gassing Aluminum For Sand Casting Process

Molten aluminum is highly reactive, and therefore when it comes into contact with moist air or wet tools during the sand casting process, it forms hydrogen gas in the melt.

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