Sand Casting as An Effective Method

Sand casting is a process of casting that uses sand-based molds. Sand casting has many advantages compared to other casting processes due to which it is in demand and is preferred over other methods of casting.

Sand molds are cheap and can be created without spending a fortune. Another benefit of sand casting is that it supports 3D printing, which involves using a computer program, and 3D objects are made from raw material by the computer program.

In addition to sand, other components like binders and additives are also used in sand casting, but sand is the primary component. The metals and alloys are poured into the sand molds, and once the metal cools down completely, the sand mold is destroyed, and the desired solid shape of the metal is obtained. Thus, with such low dimensional accuracy, sand casting can be used to produce a wide range of products on a large scale.

Another reason why the foundries prefer sand casting is that it is a quicker process than other processes. A more comprehensive range of metals and alloys can be used, and scrap metal can be recycled. Also, small to large size castings can be done using sand molds.

The new technological developments in this field have made sand casting even more profitable and dynamic. Sand mold casting is now being used for various industries, including defense establishments like Military, Aerospace, Navy and other commercial industries. Its flexibility to be used for the manufacture of ferrous and nonferrous parts make it the first choice of foundries.

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