6 Step Process of Sand Casting

Metals and alloys have been the base foundation upon which the modern world as we know it has been built. Converting metal to functional components is not a simple process, and it is hard work and takes a lot of training to master.

Ever imagined how big components of metal are formed? Sand casting is a process to mold metal in different shapes and sizes using the mold pattern base as sand. It is a very efficient way of making components from a few ounces to a ton. Sand castings are done in a foundry.

The process of sand casting is as follows:

  1. Place a pattern in sand to create a mold.
  2. Incorporate the design and sand in a gating system.
  3. Remove the pattern.
  4. Fill the mold cavity with molten metal.
  5. Allow the metal to cool.
  6. Break the sand mold and remove the casting.

Alloys and metals are formed using the above process and then put to great use in different industries. Metal alloys are the core of specific industries.

Gamma foundries is a sand casting company. It has a history of manufacturing alloys and metal components for different industries. Their history speaks volumes of the quality they offer and the standard they have set for themselves.

They have trained staff and have updated themselves with the latest technology available in the industry to serve their customers. They are one of the largest foundries in Canada, exporting to different parts of the world.

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