Green Sand Metal Casting Versus No bake Sand Casting- Which One Should You Go For?

Sand casting processes are, generally speaking, much more popular compared to most of the other metal casting methods such as investment casting, die casting and permanent mold and this is mainly because it is faster and relatively more cost effective. Choosing to opt for sand casting can save you a lot of money and get you better products especially if you are able to find a good sand casting company.

There are two main sand casting methods that you can expect to find at any given sand casting foundry; green sand casting and no bake sand casting. It would be grossly inaccurate to juts out and say that either of the two sand casting methods is better than the other since each has its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages and they could matter differently for different manufacturers. A better approach is to review each method and then decide which one is best for you based on your actual needs.

Green Sand Casting

This is one of the most popular sand casting methods in use today and many manufacturers prefer to use this method because of the fact that it is relatively more affordable compared to other methods. Other advantages include its flexibility which allows it to be used for both low and high volume production. On the downside, green sand casting does not really give the finest finishes after casting and it does not hold very tight tolerances.

No Bake Sand Casting

In this method a chemical binder is used along with a catalyst in order to cure and harden the mold. It is one of the most popular sand casting methods because it is very versatile and can be used to cast virtually all types of metals. On the downside it is not the best choice for high volume production since it can only yield 20-30 molds per hour.

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