Eco Brass: Thread rolling for lead-free alloy

Most of the people in the industries where metals are used to a great extent, will have heard of the comparatively new metal alloy known as eco brass. Most industry owners prefer to use this environment friendly metal alloy which first of all ensures that they don’t get into trouble with the authorities managing the environment safety systems. On the other hand, you will also earn respect from your clients when they get the option of eco brass.

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What Is Sand Casting? What Are the Benefits Of 3D Printing?

Sand casting is an age-old method of making designs and shapes of different metals, plastics etc. However, in modern times there is a requirement for very complex shapes and large quantities in a comparatively short time. This is why the research departments of almost every large sand casting company are trying to find new methods to meet this challenge.

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What Are the 3 Ways to Cast Brass?

 Brass has been used for centuries to create utensils, intricate sculptures, and other long-lasting decorative items that provide excellent return for money spent. There are three methods of casting brass in the current times, and more than one brass casting service provider is using one of these methods to cast brass in the required shape and design.

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Types of Quality Control Methods Used for Sand Casting Parts

The sand casting method is one of the oldest and the most popular forms of casting. You can process iron via sand casting and other metals and alloys, including bronze sand casting. Sand casting is an economical and practical process that can generally accommodate changes in size and geometry.

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