3 Cost-effective Casting Sands for Foundries

One of the oldest forms of mass-producing goods by replication, sand casting has allowed different industries to grow and prosper over the years. Before sand casting, companies replicated prototypes in different ways and there were always slight variations in the replica when compared with the original. Sand casting allowed companies to make replicas that are the exact copies of a product without even minute deviations.

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Brass Casting Defects and Remedies

Defects typically occur during the casting process. Even if a high-quality design and moulding could improve your chances of creating a defect-free cast, there are still times when defects are unavoidable due to human interference and limitations in quality control. Only through proper assistance from a seasoned brass casting service can you minimize such defects.

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Green Sand Metal Casting Versus No bake Sand Casting- Which One Should You Go For?

Sand casting processes are, generally speaking, much more popular compared to most of the other metal casting methods such as investment casting, die casting and permanent mold and this is mainly because it is faster and relatively more cost effective. Choosing to opt for sand casting can save you a lot of money and get you better products especially if you are able to find a good sand casting company.

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Best Casting Sands for Sand Casting Foundries

Sand casting is a metal casting process in which specific types of sand are used as a mold material to make replicas of existing metal prototypes. Also known as sand molded casting, this process has been used in manufacturing copies of an original product in bulk for centuries. In the earlier days, companies had their own production plants where this mass production was carried out. However, with the rise in the popularity of outsourcing, now many companies outsource production to foundries, also known as sand casting companies.

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