Sand casting is a metal shaping process in which metal is poured into molds made of specific types of sand to make complex metal shapes. Also known as sand foundries, this process have been used in manufacturing industrial components, in bulk, for centuries. In the earlier days, companies had their own production plants where this mass production was carried out. However, with the rise in the popularity of outsourcing, now many companies outsource production to foundries, also known as sand casting companies.

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Quality management is of utmost importance when it comes to eco brass sand casting. This is done to ensure that the eco brass products made by the foundry are of high standards. This process includes the hiring of experienced staff that knows the processes in detail, checks the raw materials – copper and zinc – and the resultant alloy for any impurity, and makes sure that the foundry adheres to the set standards. This allows the business to continue to maintain the credibility of its certifications and industry expertise. There are several sand casting companies that provide brass casting service that have the necessary quality management in place.

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One of the oldest forms of mass-producing goods by replication, sand casting has allowed different industries to grow and prosper over the years. Before sand casting, companies replicated prototypes in different ways and there were always slight variations in the replica when compared with the original. Sand casting allowed companies to make replicas that are the exact copies of a product without even minute deviations.

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Bronze sand casting is like any other sand casting methods. The only difference being that instead of pouring a pure metal liquid into the mold, liquefied bronze – which is a mix of copper and tin – is used. This bronze solution is poured into the mold and allowed to cool down. Once the mold takes the required shape, the sand surrounding the object is removed. The end result is a beautiful bronze sculpture that looks beautiful and authentic.

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