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Making the decision to contract out with a sand casting company when in-house production demands aluminum, lead free copper, stainless-steel casting, or any other copper based alloy casting is smart. After all, operating a sand casting foundry requires a great deal of highly specialized knowledge and training. Selecting a foundry company to work withtoo quickly, can have negative implications on the supply chain. There are traits to look for that can ensure the foundry that you choose to work with is poised to meet production and quality demands consistently.

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Gamma Foundries is a non-ferrous sand casting company. We produce aluminum, copper and stainless alloy castings from one-off to thousands for a wide variety of industries.

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Making the decision to contact a sand casting foundry to have necessary metal components made for end-product production is smart. After all, a sand casting company brings the necessary expertise to the table to ensure safe, on-time production of eco brass, aluminum, stainless-steel, and copper components, among others. Making sure the firm hired takes appropriate quality assurance measures, however, is critical for making certain the end products produced under the hiring company’s name deliver as promised to consumers.

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