Social Responsibilities of Gamma Foundries

Gamma Foundries takes a proactive approach to improve its facilities and manufacturing processes to protect the environment in which we operate. Over the last decade Gamma has spent over $1,000,000 on improved environmental controls.

Gamma Foundries operations are in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, governing, amongst other things, noise, air emissions, the use, handling, and disposal of hazardous substances and waste.

It is Gamma Foundries policy and objective to be environmentally proactive and to adopt practices that minimise adverse environmental impacts and communicate Gamma Foundries environmental performance with all stakeholders.

Gamma endeavours to reduce and eliminate waste disposal at every stage. Metal waste is either remelted or sent to a recycler to recover usable minerals. Used foundry sand is re-used in construction materials. We continue to search for opportunities to reduce waste production and find recycling opportunities where elimination is not possible.

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