Eco Brass: Thread rolling for lead-free alloy

Most of the people in the industries where metals are used to a great extent, will have heard of the comparatively new metal alloy known as eco brass. Most industry owners prefer to use this environment friendly metal alloy which first of all ensures that they don’t get into trouble with the authorities managing the environment safety systems. On the other hand, you will also earn respect from your clients when they get the option of eco brass.


All over the world lead-free casting is becoming the popular choice for most ethical industry owners. Of course we already know that lead is a toxic heavy metal that causes serious ailments if the exposure to it is over a period of time. This is the reason that the modern scientists and engineers have created environment friendly metals like eco-brass.

What is thread rolling and why it is needed?

Hardened metals frequently need to go through a thread cutting procedure during production because they are difficult to flow to fill die threads. Additionally, some materials, particularly aerospace metals, are just too brittle to be thread rolled without running the risk of breaking. Typically, the thread rolling threshold is 150 kilogrammes per square inch. Simply put, these materials are too robust. New alloys, however, are altering the way thread rolling functions and every conscientious sand casting foundry is adopting this process.

It has taken a long time to develop this environment friendly alloy because the material becomes less ductile compared to metals using lead. Hence the ductile and malleable metal alloy available in today’s market is excellent even when it is used in thread rolling and researchers are consistently improving the process of thread rolling the metal alloy like eco brass.

Hence if you are in a business which requires the use of brass then make sure that you opt for the lead free version and it is quite simple to find a sand casting company producing this product. You can look up their websites on the net and choose the one that suits you the most.

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