What Are the 3 Ways to Cast Brass?

 Brass has been used for centuries to create utensils, intricate sculptures, and other long-lasting decorative items that provide excellent return for money spent. There are three methods of casting brass in the current times, and more than one brass casting service provider is using one of these methods to cast brass in the required shape and design.


Lost Wax Process

One of the earliest known methods of casting brass is the lost wax procedure. Making a mould entails creating a wax replica of the desired object, which is then covered in clay or another substance. This mould is then heated to melt the wax mould, and the cavity is filled with molten brass to create a perfectly controlled and intricate detailed item, whether for decoration or general use.

Sand Casting Method

The sand casting method is the most popular. Most of the time, you will find each sand casting company using this method to cast brass. This process is environmentally friendly and is also used to create eco-brass. In this process, sand is used as a mould instead of clay or other materials. The pattern of the item is created in a block of wood or another metal, and the sand is packed around this shape. This replica material is removed, and molten brass is poured into the sand mould. Many use this method of sand casting foundry to create brass in an eco-friendly manner.

Investment Casting Method

This method is similar to the lost wax process and uses plaster and ceramic mixtures as a mould instead of sand or clay. A shape is formed by wax,which is then melted and removed from the mould, and molten brass is poured into the mould and allowed to cool before removing it.

All these three methods are good enough to create brass objects, but the most popular is sand casting because it can makeeco brass which is a very environmentally friendly metal. 

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